About RenderLion?

Our mission isn't about us - it's about helping you elevate your business and bring your data to life.

We understand that video content reigns supreme in the business world, but creating content that genuinely RoaRs can be challenging. That's why we've developed a video generator web app that empowers you to create stunning videos faster and easier than before. Using our app, you can showcase your data visually compellingly and grow your business awareness, traffic, and sales.

Let's not forget about our team of lions - even though we're a small pride. We're all talented and passionate about helping you succeed. Let's RoaR together!

RenderLion's storyRoznovat Alex's story

Alex's story
The Lionhearted leader behind RenderLion

Meet Alex Roznovat, the Lion behind RenderLion.
A Dreamer turned Doer!

We all have ideas, but only a few are courageous enough to take that leap of faith and turn those ideas into a reality. Alex is one of those few who dared to take a risk and make his dreams come true.

Alex was passionate about technology from his early days and started coding in high school. But Alex's journey wasn't easy. He had wins and losses in projects like GecoTemplates, TvChannelsFree, Niuzer, Sunlize, and more... Yet, his love for technology and design kept him pushing forward.

With his love for technology and growth in artificial intelligence, Alex envisioned a tool that could transform data into videos without any templates, design, or timeline editing, and thus RenderLion was born.

As the founder and CEO of RenderLion, Alex is responsible for driving the company's overall business strategy. He believes that innovation comes from taking risks and making mistakes, making an entrepreneur stand out.

When he's not busy building the next big thing in design tools, you can find Alex exploring the mysteries of the universe, riding his bike in the darkest woods, traveling around the world, or spending time with his loved ones. Alex will continue turning dreams into reality with his vision and determination with RenderLion.

The RenderLion's Lion Squad

Roarrrr! Welcome to the mighty RenderLion squad, where we are a team of creative problem-solvers ready to take on any challenge!

We push ourselves beyond our limits to make data more exciting and visually engaging by quickly transforming static data into powerful videos. We are proud to have launched and scaled multiple products together, such as PixBot, PixTeller, and DanceLogo, which all inspired the birth of RenderLion!

But who makes all of this possible?
Meet some more remarkable people that stay behind the scenes of RenderLion!

Florin Pomirleanu from RenderLion.com Team

The Lionhearted Developer

First up, Florin! He believed in Alex's great potential and joined our team in 2015. He's an expert in PHP and JavaScript, and his clean code makes RenderLion's interface great. When Florin isn't coding, he spends time with his family and Thor, the dog!

Silvia Roznovat from RenderLion.com Team

The Lioness of Finance and Legal

Next, Silvia! She's been a fantastic member of the RenderLion team since the very beginning. Silvia always finds the best solutions to any financial or legal issues and advises us on investing and complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Marian Onofrei from RenderLion.com Team

The Lion King of Cloud

Meet Marian – a key member of the RenderLion team! He's been working with Alex since 2007 and offers fantastic support to the team regarding servers and cloud infrastructure. He's the go-to person for any rendering issues or server errors.

Alin Ghiurca from RenderLion.com Team

The Lion of Backend Territories

Spotlight on Alin, the silent force and a key person at RenderLion. As a full-stack developer focusing on the backend, his fascination with AI isn't just a passion – it's the fuel that powers our innovative projects and sets us apart in the industry.

Together plus more lions on our pride, the RenderLion squad is unstoppable, and we're excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our Bold Mission at RenderLion

Step into the untamed world of RenderLion, where our mission is to make your data roarrrr like a lion! Our fearless team of lions always goes beyond boundaries to transform your data into visually captivating and exciting videos.

Our innovative no-design tool lets you quickly turn your static data into powerful videos without any design or timeline editing experience. Get ready to experience the next level of video creation with us, and let's unleash the full potential of your data together!