Press Kit & Resources

Welcome to the RenderLion Press Kit, where our roar is as fierce as our branding!

We've established a few guidelines for using our brand resources to keep our branding consistent and on point. Before you sink your teeth into our assets, please take a moment to acquaint yourself with our rules.

We've separated our assets into sections so you can find what you need quickly. Each resource is ready for download, from our regal logo and icon to our color palette and typography. And if you want to get everything at once, no worries! Just hit the button below to download a .zip file with everything inside.

As you delve into our brand materials, let the lion inside you out and create something unique. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

RenderLion Logo

Are you looking to represent RenderLion? Look no further! Our logo is available for download here, and it's the perfect way to showcase your partnership with us. With its bold, regal design featuring the king of the jungle himself, the RenderLion logo is sure to make a statement.

The Lion & Play Icons

Want to show off your affiliation with RenderLion?

Our Play and Lion icons are not only perfect for enhancing your user interface, but they're also great for promoting RenderLion across all your channels. Whether crafting a blog post, writing a press release, or sharing on social media, these icons are ideal for showcasing your partnership with us.


Are you looking to add a touch of RenderLion's boldness and power to your designs? Our RenderLion color palette is just what you need! So use our color palette now and let your creativity roar with RenderLion's signature colors!

Use them in your designs, social media posts, marketing materials, and more to showcase your affiliation with RenderLion!

  • Primary ColorHEX: #FE4B00RGB: 254,75,0
  • Secondary ColorHEX: #FF8D39RGB: 255,141,57


Ready to give your designs a touch of RenderLion's signature style? Look no further than our RenderLion typeface - the bold and powerful Josefin Sans.

This typeface is the perfect addition to any branding, marketing, or design project. So why wait? Download Josefin Sans now and let your creativity roar with RenderLion's signature typography!

The Best Part

You have full permission to use any of the assets above when talking about RenderLion. So go ahead and let your writing roar with our logo, typography, color palette, and more!

Don't let static data hold you back - let RenderLion unleash your creativity! Our powerful tools make it easy and lightning-fast to turn images and words into stunning videos.