How can I fix a RenderLion video without sound?

To ensure your RenderLion video includes sound, you need to follow a few steps. After saving your video, a preview will be generated, but it won't have sound. You must proceed to the rendering stage to finalize your video with sound.

Insert music into RenderLion video generator

During the last step of the video generator process, you can choose or add a sound to your video. Once you've made your selection, you need to initiate the render process. This will generate the final version of your video, including the applied sound.

Please note that the rendering process may take a few minutes, depending on factors such as the category of your video, its length, and the complexity of the animations. Once the render is complete, you will be notified via your email address, and you can then download the video in your preferred format, ready to be shared or used as desired.