What are the different video formats available?

RenderLion offers a variety of video output formats to suit different platforms and purposes. When generating videos, you can choose from the following aspect ratio formats:

Multi Hi-Res Download

• [1:1] Square Format (1080×1080 pixels):
This format is ideal for platforms like Instagram, where square videos are commonly used. It ensures your videos fit perfectly within the designated space and maintains a visually appealing composition.

• [16:9] Landscape Format (1920×1080 pixels):
This format is well-suited for platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and websites where landscape-oriented videos are commonly displayed. It provides a comprehensive viewing experience and showcases your content in high resolution.

• [9:16] Portrait Format (1080×1920):
This format is optimized for vertical videos, which are popular on platforms like Instagram Stories, TikTok, Snapchat, and mobile devices. It ensures your videos seamlessly integrate within the vertical interface and deliver an engaging viewing experience.

By offering these different video formats, RenderLion AI video generator ensures that your videos are compatible with various social media platforms, advertisements, websites, and more. You can confidently share your creations across multiple channels and reach your target audience effectively.