How many videos can I generate with just one render?

With RenderLion ai video generator, every project you create is automatically prepared in three distinct aspect ratio formats to maximize your reach across various platforms.

These include a 1:1 square format (1080×1080) for social media feeds, a 16:9 landscape format (1920×1080) ideal for YouTube or presentations, and a 9:16 portrait format (1080×1920) perfect for stories or mobile viewing.

During the rendering process, you have the freedom to select which of these generated formats you wish to render, ensuring your content is perfectly tailored for its intended audience and platform. Each format is generated with AI-driven precision, guaranteeing high quality and seamless compatibility.

Once rendered, your videos are available for download in MP4 format, striking a balance between top-notch quality and a file size that's easy to manage and share across various mediums.