What are the steps to render my saved video?

Once you have saved your video, a preview of it will be generated almost instantly. However, to download the final version of your video, you need to go through the rendering process. The rendering step is essential to generate a high-quality version of your video.

With a premium plan, you can enjoy the benefits of watermark-free videos. As a free user, your rendered video will include a RenderLion watermark. You can upgrade your account to one of our premium plans to remove this watermark and obtain a clean version of your video.

Render videos created with RenderLion generator

During the rendering process, it may take a few minutes for your video to be processed, depending on factors such as the complexity and length of the video. Once the rendering is complete, you will receive a notification via the email address associated with your account, indicating that your video is ready for download.

When downloading your video, you have the choice of three different formats:
• Square 1:1 (1080×1080 pixels);
• Landscape 16:9 (1920×1080 pixels);
• Portrait 9:16 (1080×1920 pixels).

These options allow you to select the most suitable aspect ratio for your intended use or platform.

Experience the satisfaction of rendering your videos and obtaining the final, polished version that can be shared with your audience or used for various purposes.