Can I reuse one of my old videos to generate a new one?

Absolutely! With RenderLion, you can reuse your previously created videos to generate new ones. Whether or not your old video has been rendered, you can easily utilize it as a template for your new project.

Reuse videos created with RenderLion generator

To reuse an old video, click the "Use" button associated with that particular video. This action will enable you to proceed and populate the necessary inputs with your updated data, making the required adjustments and modifications as needed. By leveraging your existing videos as templates, you can save valuable time and effort while maintaining content consistency.

In addition to your videos, RenderLion offers a range of video examples that can serve as inspiring templates for your projects. By exploring these examples, you can gather ideas and leverage them as a starting point to create stunning videos that align with your unique vision.

Embrace the convenience and versatility of reusing old videos, empowering you to generate new and captivating content quickly.