Can I adjust the text in my video after it has been rendered?

Yes, you can! If you wish to change the text content in your video, you would need to edit the video and render it again.

Currently, RenderLion's AI video generator automatically creates the text size, position, and motion effects based on the video category and your input data. While you can update the text itself, manual adjustments to its size, position, or motion effects are not available now.

Edit the text content of video in RenderLion generator

To modify the text content in your video:

  1. • Access the editing features of RenderLion's video generator.
  2. • Make the necessary changes to the text, such as updating the wording or replacing it with different text.
  3. • Once you're satisfied with the updated content, restart the rendering process to generate a new video version with the revised text.

While the automatic text formatting ensures consistency and efficiency in generating your videos, keep in mind that any changes to the text will require re-rendering of the video. This allows you to control the text content and adjust as needed, even after the initial rendering process.

Please note that RenderLion is constantly evolving, and future updates may include more granular control over text size, position, and motion effects, providing even greater flexibility in customizing your videos.