Which resolution is best for downloading my video?

The best video resolution for downloading depends on how you plan to use your video and where you intend to publish it.RenderLion offers three different resolutions to cater to various platforms and purposes.

Best resolution for downloading RenderLion generated videos

Once your video is rendered, you can choose the resolution that suits your needs:

Square format [1:1] — 1080×1080 pixels:
This format is ideal for Instagram posts, Facebook ads, and other social media platforms that favor a square aspect ratio. It ensures your video will fit perfectly within the designated space without any cropping or distortion.

Landscape [16:9] — 1920×1080 pixels:
This format is well-suited for platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, websites, and other online platforms. The 16:9 aspect ratio provides a widescreen view that is commonly used for videos on desktop and TV screens.

Portrait [9:16] — 1080×1920 pixels:
This format is specifically designed for vertical videos, making it ideal for platforms like Reels, Shorts, Stories, TikTok, and mobile devices. The 9:16 aspect ratio ensures your video occupies the full screen when viewed in portrait mode.

Consider the platform and purpose of your video when selecting the resolution for download. Each format is optimized for specific viewing experiences, ensuring your video looks its best and engages your audience effectively.

Choose the resolution that aligns with your intended usage, and enjoy sharing your videos seamlessly across various platforms!