How do I change the order of my text blocks in my video?

Yes! Depending on your video category, you can specify the order of text blocks in your video during the editing process. This allows you to arrange the text blocks in the desired sequence for your video. You can adjust the order by selecting the desired text blocks and repositioning them using the provided controls or options on the video generator page.

Just follow the instructions or interface provided by the RenderLion video generator to modify the order of your text blocks effectively.

Change text blocks order on RenderLion video generator

It's important to note that the number and arrangement of text blocks can impact various aspects of your video, such as its length, animation style, and overall visual flow. You can generate a customized narrative or emphasize specific messages within your video by reordering the text blocks.

RenderLion provides a user-friendly interface that intuitively arranges the text blocks to achieve your desired sequence. This feature allows you to have greater control over your video project's presentation and storytelling aspects. This flexibility empowers you to customize the flow and arrangement of your text elements to create a compelling and engaging video.