Can I change my text size in the video editor?

In the RenderLion video editor, users cannot manually set the font size for text elements. The font size is automatically determined by RenderLion's algorithms, which consider various factors such as the text type (headline or regular text), text length, font family, design style, and video motion effects.

RenderLion's algorithms are designed to calculate the optimal font size for each text element to ensure visual consistency, legibility, and aesthetic appeal. By analyzing the content and context of your video, the algorithms dynamically adjust the font size to provide the best fit within the design.

RenderLion AI video gererator desktop version screenshotRenderLion AI video gererator mobile version screenshot

RenderLion aims to simplify the video creation process by automating certain design aspects, including font sizing, to ensure a professional and visually pleasing outcome. By relying on advanced algorithms, RenderLion optimizes the text size for each context, saving you time and effort in manual adjustments.

In summary, while users cannot manually set the font size in the RenderLion video generator, the platform's algorithms automatically calculate the optimal font size based on various factors. This approach ensures visual consistency and readability throughout your video project.