Can special characters be used in my text blocks?

Yes, special characters can be used in your text blocks when using RenderLion. Most fonts available in the font library support a wide range of special characters, symbols, and letters.

This allows you to include unique and customized elements in your text, such as emojis, currency symbols, mathematical symbols, foreign language characters, and more.

When creating or editing your profile, you can choose from a selection of fonts compatible with the special characters you want to use. RenderLion's font library is designed to provide versatility and support for various languages, ensuring you can accurately represent your desired text in your videos.

Use special characters in RenderLion video generator text-blocks

By incorporating special characters into your text blocks, you can enhance your videos' visual appeal, expressiveness, and inclusivity. Whether adding decorative symbols, incorporating foreign language elements, or using special letters specific to your brand, RenderLion lets you personalize your videos with the characters that best represent your message.

In summary, when using RenderLion, you can utilize special characters in your text blocks. The font library supports various symbols, special letters, and other characters, empowering you to create visually rich and diverse videos.